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Understanding and Relating to Children

Understanding and Relating to Children

This seminar is designed to answer many of the questions parents/caregivers often ask such as:

  • Why is he/she behaving that way?
  • How am I supposed to respond to that?
  • Why did someone not tell me this ahead of time?

It is therefore highly recommended that every parent and caregiver of children and youth take this seminar.

Among others, the focus of this seminar is to help explore the different phases of growing and development in both genders (boys and girls) ages 6-18 years. How these developmental processes affect them and how you should take advantage of the changes in their moods and personalities to raise them to be the ideal and productive adult they should be, instead of allowing these changes to constitute a hindrances to communication and relationships as its sadly the case in some families.


Among other things, you will learn (how to):

  • Examine the process of natural growth and the benchmarks to look for
  • Note how the people around them and their environment influence them
  • Relate these factors with their behavior, problem solving and choice
  • Implement a personalized sample strategy for understanding your child/children
  • Compare ideas with instructors and students on various aspects of this issue
  • Harvest a wealth of information and resources for future use and to share


Resultant Benefits

Participants will be able to:

  • Better appreciate the importance of childhood in human development
  • Better able to relate their choices and behaviors with their development
  • Better equipped to react to what they do but be proactive in your dealings
  • Better communicate with them at most levels on most issues
  • Date July 12, 2015
  • Tags Mult-Weekend Seminar
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