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The Role Of Communication In Effective Parenting

The Role Of Communication In Effective Parenting

The focus is on the vital art of effective communication: Parent with children, Children with parents, Parent with parent and children with children.

Tragically, we are witnessing a progressive degeneration in the ability of our children and teenagers to communicate with each other and even worst when they are to communicate with adults. A good percentage of the time, they are either listening to something plugged into their ears, or they are glued to the TV, computer or a hand held device (i.e. PSP, portable DVD etc.). The result is that their ability to communicate is degenerating.

This situation should alarm every caring adult. It is either that many parents do not understand the enormity of the negative impact this could have down the road or they just do not care. Sadly, many parents are as bad if not worst than their children in their inability to communicate, this must be reversed promptly because if we are to prepare our children/youth for success in life, they must be able to communicate effectively and the parent must lead with good examples.

Effective communication within the home makes it a healthier place to live and the society will be a better place to grow in.


Among other things, you will learn (how to):

  • Specifics of real communication
  • Purpose and parameters of effective communication
  • Evaluation of the impact and value of communication
  • Application of communication to different situation in and outside the home
  • Keys to developing and maintaining proper communication


Resultant Benefits

Participants will be able to:

  • Better communicate with their children, family and help them communicate better
  • Understand why people react the way they do when certain things are said
  • Inspire others to communicate better in most circumstances
  • Leverage opportunities to get better outcome from their communication efforts
  • Differentiate between good and not so good communication
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