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Parenting is an Art that Should be Learned

Parenting is an Art that Should be Learned

This seminar is especially designed for ‘parents to be’, young parents, foster parents and those adopting children: It is therefore a must for all of them if they want to raise their children well. Experienced/older parents and those that need to horn their parenting and related skills will also benefit tremendously from this seminar.
The ability to bear a child is not tantamount with the know how of parenting.

The frequent intolerable acts of violence and shameful treatments frequently meted to children by those who should be protecting them must be seen as a clarion call that must not be ignored. Aggressively mobilizing all concerned to take this seminar is one effective way to protect the future generations.


Among other things, you will learn (how to):

  • The biblical and other definitions of parenting and their relevance
  • Enduring parenting principles and their implications short and long term
  • Necessary institutions that could provide vital support systems for you and your child
  • Decode signs in your child’s life to help meet important needs
  • Empowering ideas to keep you strong as you raise your child
  • Resources available for on going assistance


Resultant Benefits

Participants will be able to:

  • Ground your approach to parenting early on proven methods
  • Love and raise the child you have not the child you wanted
  • Open a rich world of ideas and opportunities for your child and you
  • Vivaciously protect your child against harmful people and circumstances
  • Embrace opportunities to better your life and your child’s
  • Seek help and support in a timely manner and from credible sources
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