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Myths, Mysteries & Methods of Parenting Teenagers

Myths, Mysteries & Methods of Parenting Teenagers

This seminar is designed to examine the ‘mysterious’ teenage years. This is highly recommended for parents and those who work with youth ages 11 to 18 in schools and elsewhere.

This is often one of the most turbulent periods in the life of a young person; therefore relationships between teens and parents/responsible adults are not only encouraged but also fundamental to the future of the young person.

However, it is tragic to note that most adults are least prepared for the ‘strange behaviors’ that teens exhibit during this period, the reason for the lack of preparedness is largely because there are very few places they can go for this information. It is not uncommon therefore to see all sorts of tensions between youth and parents/other adults at this time. If not properly handled, these tensions could sometimes lead to deep family rifts that may place heavy strains on relationships for a long time. If handled properly however, this could be the period that strong bonds are developed upon which a number of other rewarding experiences of life between parent and child are formed.

Again, parents, guardians and those who work with teens in the school and other places will benefit immensely from this seminar.


Among other things, you will learn (how to):

  • Map out personal strategy to use in dealing with your teenager/s
  • Unravel the myths about teens and replace them with the facts
  • Link the different changes taking place in the life/body of the teen with their actions
  • Connect these changes to their actions/moods etc
  • Harvest the much fun there can be in parenting/working with teens


Resultant Benefits

Participants will be able to:

  • Mutually strategize with your teen for rewarding changes at home and elsewhere
  • Openly express your concerns to your teen without staining relationships
  • Institute boundaries on which solid habits might flourish in your youth
  • Stabilize their emotional upheavals while keeping yours calm
  • Track patterns that may need working on either in your or theirs
  • Date July 12, 2015
  • Tags Mult-Weekend Seminar
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