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Ministering to Infants

Ministering to Infants

This seminar is designed for parents of young children from birth to about age three (0-3) years.

This age group has been largely overlooked from effective ministry in most churches –the most they are given is nursery service- because most people know next to nothing of the ‘how to’ minister to them.

Even in the homes, where the most beneficial care should be a norm, the approach is often more of ‘hit and miss’ Studies reveal that this phase of childhood is crucial in many ways to the future of a human being. This seminar is designed to provide the crucial resources needed for all those who care for children at this fragile, yet fundamental phase of their development. The information shared here, are basic, practical yet very powerful.


Among other things, you will learn (how to):

  • Biblical foundations and other supporting proofs for ministering to infants
  • Applicable methods of sharing the word of God with this age group
  • Benefits of a healthy family to babies, how to make your home a healthy one
  • Yoke-free/effective props for ministering to them


Resultants Benefits

Participants will be able to:

  • Connect with babies and infants in more than one way
  • Able to understand the needs of babies and relate with them more meaningfully
  • Richly minister to infants and be more spiritually vigilant over them.
  • Educate others about infants and much more
  • Date July 12, 2015
  • Tags Mult-Weekend Seminar
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