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Establishing A Future For Your Child Through Family Altar

Establishing A Future For Your Child Through Family Altar

Some families scarcely know what a ‘Family Altar’ is while for others, it is a boring routine. Yet others have discovered how invaluable and central it is and have therefore benefited from it for a long time. Wherever you find your family in this description, this seminar will help you immensely.

To say that the average person is busy is an understatement of the century. Therefore even believers often find themselves shuffling an overbooked schedule, as a result, a number of things including time with God often suffer. Unfortunately, when this happens the ripple effect touches every aspect of life leaving even the children vulnerable in many ways. Beside the press for time, some people lack the basic ‘Know How’ of Family Alter: What is it? When do I start? How do I conduct it? What should I use? Is this really that important? These and other questions are answered in this important seminar.

Among other things, you will learn (how to):

  • Breach negative spiritual links in your life and sure up the future of your family
  • Innovative ways to make your family alter fun, lively and inclusive
  • Balance the issues and subjects raised in scripture with real life
  • Lay a foundation of devotion and relationship with God for your children/youth
  • Empower yourself and family for a matured walk with God


Resultant Benefits

Participants will be able to:

  • Plan meaningfully for a time with God for your self/family and others
  • Resist the subtle tendencies of the adversary to detour God’s plans for you
  • Assuage the pressures of daily living with rewarding experiences with God
  • Yield more readily to the leading of the Holy Spirit
  • Date July 12, 2015
  • Tags Weekend Seminar
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