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Becoming a Better Parent: Improving Your Parenting Styles

Becoming a Better Parent: Improving Your Parenting Styles

Designed for parents and those who work with children/teens of all ages.

If you ever wonder whether or not you are doing the right thing with your children (and every parent does from time to time). If you often run out of ideas on handling situations, or sometimes asked yourself, is there a better or different way to go about this? If you wonder ‘what parenting style’ means and if you are not certain what style you have been applying to raise your children, then this seminar is vital for you.


Among other things, you will learn (how to):

  • Biblical foundations for parenting
  • Empowering strategies to navigate today’s challenging parenting schedules
  • Tested approach to communicating with your children and spouse
  • Training your mind to change your methods and improve your result
  • Exchanging non-productive parenting style for productive style
  • Readiness to respond appropriately to parenting challenges


Resultant Benefits

Participants will be able to:

  • Guard against unproductive approach to handling issues
  • Understand why some of your best efforts always seem to fall short
  • Inspired to respond effectively to the issues affecting
  • Decode the ‘barriers’ children build when they want you off their back
  • Empowered to take back the control as the authority figure you should be
  • Date July 11, 2015
  • Tags Weekend Seminar
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